Opening the door to success, on Laxmi Puja day

It is Tihar (Diwali) festival, one of the most important events in the Hindu calendar, and today is Laxmi Puja day, when Ganesh and Laxmi are worshipped to bring success and prosperity. Ganesh is the God of wisdom, remover of obstacles, and Laxmi the Goddess of wealth.

I remember very well this day in 2006, when I lived in Nepal. There was brewing excitement in the girls’ home, with lots of singing and dancing. The girls made footprints from flour and water (with little toes coloured with vermilion tika powder), leading Laxmi to a table filled with offerings.

We shall be conducting our own puja (worship) back in London. Ganesh is already working his magic, as great things are beginning to happen now that I Am Belmaya is finally finished – complete with a beautiful original score, colour grade and sound design. More news coming next week. Meanwhile, may Laxmi shower you, Belmaya and me with an abundance of gold coins, and Ganesh provide the wisdom to use them wisely!

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