A tale of rebellion, hope and love in patriarchal Nepal. Silenced and subjugated all her life, uneducated Belmaya takes up the movie camera to tell her story.

Spanning 14 years, Sue Carpenter and Belmaya Nepali’s feature-length documentary follows Belmaya’s transformational journey as she stands up to her husband and society, and learns to be a filmmaker.


Help us to get Belmaya’s story out. You’ll be helping her to tell women’s stories, in turn helping transform more lives in Nepal.


‘My heart is singing. It’s so refreshing to come across a real story. There’s no lies. You just speak the truth and this comes out so beautifully in the film.’
Thomas Kelly, Photographer and cinematographer
It’s absolutely amazing! The balance between the emotion, the humour, the entire narration … The way it shows empowerment is much different from anything I’ve ever seen. It’s a kind of fusion between an observational documentary as well as an interactive one, with snippets from her camera as well as [the observer’s]. The editing is just sensational’
Paribesh Sitoula, Media student
I cried when I watched I Am Belmaya. Tears kept falling from my eyes’
Nhyoo Bajracharya, Musician and Nepal Idol judge
I was so emotional after it, I didn’t want to speak with anyone for at least half an hour! I loved the spirit that through all the struggles that Belmaya had, that zest she had to keep moving forward is something we all have to learn from. I loved it!’
Shivangi Bansal, Art curator
‘A warm and wonderful film.’
Timo Heinanen, Head of Camera, London Film School
‘That was very moving. To make something that speaks to large sections of the population throughout the world is incredible.’
Audience member, Somerset Film
That was the first time I’ve cried watching a film in quite some time. In the room there was this electricity. Everyone was there, in that story, in that journey’
Kalani Gacon, Documentary filmmaker
‘Your film put the work we do at GlobalGirl Media into perspective for me. It made me cry and inspired me at the same time.’
Dami Omole, Programme Manager, GlobalGirl Media UK
Beautiful film. It’s magic’
Samson Karki, Filmmaker
Being a girl, or a woman, to see those kind of films where girls are moving ahead really pinched my heart’
Shreejana Bajracharya, Plan International Nepal
A film with a strong sense of place that shares a remarkable journey. Very honest, with its own voice.’
Hugh Lewis, Film editor
‘I loved the film. I thought it was wonderful. The thing that stuck out for me was the relationship between Belmaya and her husband. There could have been a tendency to portray him two-dimensionally, but he has his own story.’
Annie Needham, Sound recordist