Social Impact

The film’s theme of the power of story to spark change not only underpins Belmaya’s journey but will be borne out by the film itself. Our aim is to raise awareness about gender discrimination in Nepal, and to build a social change campaign around inspiring and empowering other women to speak out against injustice and to dare to be ambitious.


We aim to train more Nepali women in digital media skills, to tell their stories from their point of view. We’re partnering with GlobalGirl Media UK and a local partner organisation, Her Farm Films, whose missions chime with the theme of I Am Belmaya – empowering women through putting them behind the cameras and mics.

Her Farm Films have identified this as the key to changing ingrained patriarchal traditions. Currently the media in Nepal is male-dominated, and women’s stories are seldom told. Changing who’s behind the media will change the messages and influence societal attitudes.

Her Farm Films have built a new media studio where under-served young women will train in digital media skills, to tell women’s stories, for broadcast on community radio and online video platforms. Belmaya has visited Her Farm Films and been interviewed for community radio about her passion for filmmaking.