Social Impact

Belmaya’s courage and resilience provide a message of hope and inspiration for others. Our mission is to tackle discrimination against girls and women, by inspiring and empowering them to speak out and stand together against injustice, and to dare to be ambitious. Please help us reach our goals!


Our goals

  • Advocacy  In partnership with NGOs focusing on issues facing girls and women in Nepal, such as girls’ education and women’s rights, I Am Belmaya to be used as an advocacy tool. We stand with and will do our part to fulfil the aim of SDG 5 – to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
  • Screening tours to spark social change To reach a wide, diverse audience both in Nepal and internationally, to educate, enlighten and inspire. To screen the film in remote areas in Nepal, to women and communities who don’t normally have access to films, and may not even recognise the inequalities they face daily. To promote self-reflection leading to community action and social change.
  • Belmaya as inspirational speaker and role model, with whom girls and women from low-caste, less-educated backgrounds can identify and connect, giving them hope to follow their dreams. A meaningful role for Belmaya, giving her a platform to share her story and voice her views, helping her to achieve her aim of improving girls’ and women’s lives
  • Participatory filmmaking training To challenge ingrained patriarchal traditions in Nepali society and empower more women – by training women in digital media skills, to tell their stories from their point of view, about issues that affect them and their communities. Promote self-expression and self-esteem in women who may, like Belmaya, have had their voices ignored and disregarded
  • Promote awareness globally of the issues facing girls and women in Nepal, through film festivals and community screenings, cinema, TV and streaming platforms, and social media.
  • Fundraise for the above aims, in partnership with NGOs, and through community screenings and watch parties. A portion of proceeds will go to Belmaya direct.

Our media training model

Currently the media in Nepal is male-dominated, and women’s stories are seldom told. Changing who’s behind the media will change the messages and influence societal attitudes.

We’ll partner with GlobalGirl Media UK and local organisations such as Her Farm Films, whose missions chime with the theme of I Am Belmaya – empowering women through putting them behind the cameras and mics.

Her Farm Films have built a new media studio where under-served young women will train in digital media skills, to tell women’s stories, for broadcast on community radio and online video platforms. Belmaya has visited Her Farm Films and been interviewed for community radio about her passion for filmmaking.

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