Update from Pokhara

If you’ve noticed a resounding silence from me in the past few months, it’s because I’ve been feverishly filling in funding applications so that we can finish I Am Belmaya!

Meanwhile, Belmaya herself has had a couple of visitors from the UK. The first, India Roche, who was volunteering at a school near Pokhara, arranged a little screening of Belmaya’s two films – Educate Our Daughters and Rowing Against the Tide (the film on boatwomen for Thomson Reuters Foundation). India reported that Belmaya was very pleased, and it was really good for her to witness an audience appreciating her work. Because, of course, when the production unit goes home, Belmaya doesn’t have film clubs and a network of like-minded peers to keep her enthused and motivated.

Not that her spirits have fallen, I’m pleased to note. Her second visitor was Tor Bridges, Programme Director of GlobalGirl Media UK, who found her in ebullient form, happy, full of enthusiasm and keen to do more film work.

Please support the film and spread the word so that we can reach our goal and fund a hotshot editor, to turn I Am Belmaya into the dramatic, emotional and ultimately uplifting visual journey that it promises to be.


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