What you can do

Help inspire more women to stand up and speak out, to challenge gender inequality and discrimination, and bring transformation for women, girls and communities.

With your support, we can bring I Am Belmaya and Belmaya’s films to audiences worldwide and progress our social impact plans.

1.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share our posts
2. Rate and review I Am Belmaya on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Google Reviews (just Google ‘I Am Belmaya’ and the panel will come up). Positive reviews and high star ratings really can make a big difference to the film’s fortunes.  
3.  Spread the word – write a post on your social media, tell your friends – they can find out how to watch here: www.belmaya.com/screenings
4.  Host a community screening / watch party – contact Sue for details
5. If you’re upgrading your tech (phone, laptop, pro camera, etc) and would like to donate your previous device to Belmaya, contact Sue 
Many thanks!

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