A story over 10 years in the making, I Am Belmaya is a feature-length documentary by Sue Carpenter about a remarkable young woman’s transformational journey into filmmaking in patriarchal Nepal. Taking the movie camera into her own hands, Belmaya stands up to oppression and takes charge of her story – and her life.


I Am Belmaya speaks to all women around the world who have been silenced and disregarded. It demonstrates the power of being able to speak out and be heard, and reminds us that we can find inner strength to stand up to dominating forces and make our own choices.
Help us to get Belmaya’s story out. You’ll be helping her to tell women’s stories, and in turn helping to transform more lives in Nepal.

Preview-audience reviews 2019:

‘That was very moving. To make something that speaks to large sections of the population throughout the world is incredible.’
Audience member, Somerset Film

‘Your film put the work we do at GlobalGirl Media into perspective for me. It made me cry and inspired me at the same time.’
Dami Omole, Programme Manager, GlobalGirl Media UK

‘A warm and wonderful film.’
Timo Heinanen, Head of Camera, London Film School

A film with a strong sense of place that shares a remarkable journey. It feels very honest, with its own voice.’
Hugh Lewis, Editor

‘I loved the film. I thought it was wonderful. The thing that stuck out for me was the relationship between Belmaya and her husband. There could have been a tendency to portray him two-dimensionally, but he has his own story.’
Annie Needham, sound recordist